A New Book with an Interesting Twist

What makes a good whodunnit?  Is it the brilliant detective who can navigate through the red herrings and dead ends with seeming ease?  Or do you prefer a fallible investigator, thrust into a role for which he or she is ill-prepared, yet through sheer perseverance ultimately comes to the solution with the reader right in tow?  Following the sudden death of her star writer, Alan Conway, an editor is given his final manuscript, Magpie Murders - a last novel that may or may not hold clues to the circumstances of his demise.  As the bodies, both literary and in the real world, begin to pile up, one is determined to be suicide, another an accident, and three more to be murder.  Will she find out the true manner of Conway's death, and will it be soon enough to avoid paying a terrible price?



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Magpie Murders Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062645227
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Published: Harper - June 6th, 2017