Every Man a Hero: A Memoir of D-Day, the First Wave at Omaha Beach, and a World at War (Paperback)

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Every Man a Hero: A Memoir of D-Day, the First Wave at Omaha Beach, and a World at War By Ray Lambert, Jim DeFelice Cover Image


The New York Times Bestseller | Winner of the Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Writing Award 

Omaha Beach legend Ray Lambert's unforgettable firsthand account of D-Day 

“Lambert landed on [Omaha Beach] as a 23-year-old Army medic. ... As the bullets cut down his comrades, he raced repeatedly back into the sea to drag out wounded soldiers.” —New York Times

Seventy-five years ago, he hit Omaha Beach with the first wave. Now D-Day legend Ray Lambert (1920-2021) delivers one of the most remarkable memoirs of our time, a tour-de-force of remembrance evoking his role as a decorated World War II medic who risked his life to save the heroes of Normandy. 

At five a.m. on June 6, 1944, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Ray Lambert worked his way through a throng of nervous soldiers to a wind-swept deck on a troopship off the coast of Normandy, France. A familiar voice cut through the wind and rumble of the ship’s engines. “Ray!” called his brother, Bill. Ray, head of a medical team for the First Division’s famed 16th Infantry Regiment, had already won a silver star in 1943 for running through German lines to rescue trapped men, one of countless rescues he’d made in North Africa and Sicily.

“This is going to be the worst yet,” Ray told his brother, who served alongside him throughout the war.

“If I don’t make it,” said Bill, “take care of my family.”

“I will,” said Ray. He thought about his wife and son–a boy he had yet to see. “Same for me.” The words were barely out of Ray’s mouth when a shout came from below.

To the landing craft!

The brothers parted. Their destinies lay ten miles away, on the bloodiest shore of Normandy, a plot of Omaha Beach ironically code named “Easy Red.”

Less than five hours later, after saving dozens of lives and being wounded at least three separate times, Ray would lose consciousness in the shallow water of the beach under heavy fire. He would wake on the deck of a landing ship to find his battered brother clinging to life next to him.

Every Man a Hero is the unforgettable story not only of what happened in the incredible and desperate hours on Omaha Beach, but of the bravery and courage that preceded them, throughout the Second World War—from the sands of Africa, through the treacherous mountain passes of Sicily, and beyond to the greatest military victory the world has ever known.


About the Author

Arnold “Ray” Lambert (1920-2021) joined the U.S. Army in 1940 and served as a medic in the invasions of North Africa, Sicily, and Normandy. For much of the war, he was staff sergeant in charge of a 30-man detail in the First Division’s famed 16th Regiment. Lambert earned the Silver Star and multiple Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts. He saved many lives. After the war, he started two successful businesses in the Boston area. His memoir, Every Man a Hero, was published in 2019 and became a New York Times bestseller.

Jim DeFelice is the co-author, with former U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, of the multi-million-copy bestseller American Sniper, the source for Clint Eastwood’s film starring Bradley CooperHis other books include Omar Bradley: General at War; Rangers at Dieppe; and West Like Lightning: The Brief, Legendary Ride of the Pony Express. He lives in upstate New York.

Praise For…

“Lambert landed on [Omaha Beach] as a 23-year-old Army medic with his brother Bill. Only seven of the 31 soldiers on Mr. Lambert’s landing craft survived. As the bullets cut down his comrades, he raced repeatedly back into the sea to drag out wounded soldiers.” — New York Times

“[Lambert] was able to save well more than a dozen lives thanks to his bravery, skill and presence of mind. . . . The responsibility he felt for those men on Omaha Beach 75 years ago has never left Ray Lambert, and it never will.” — Smithsonian

“Lambert is nothing short of miraculous. … Reading Lambert’s account is like sitting at your grandfather’s feet and hearing some of the best tales you’ll ever know. All Americans owe Lambert gratitude for his service and sacrifice, and for sharing his memories.” — Booklist, STARRED review

“Gripping. … This excellent memoir stands out. … A treasure trove of details about WWII.” — Publishers Weekly

“At 98, Lambert, who earned a Silver Star and multiple Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts, is still around to tell his story. Readers will be grateful. … Lambert’s narrative flows smoothly throughout, clearly showing the author’s heroism.” — Kirkus Reviews

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ISBN: 9780062947581
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Publication Date: May 5th, 2020
Pages: 320
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