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InvestiGators: Off the Hook

InvestiGators: Off the Hook

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Publication Date: February 23rd, 2021
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InvestiGators Mango and Brash don their fanciest V.E.S.T.s for InvestiGators: Off the Hook, a zany new adventure from John Patrick Green that will have readers HOOKED! Join more three million fans as we follow these sewer-loving secret agents in their fight for the GATOR good!

The InvestiGators are the best crime-fighting duo in the world. But not even their hi-tech training programs can prepare them for the return of their greatest nemesis, Crackerdile, in a shocking new form! Even worse, he’s creating a team of super villains! Faced with the choice between saving themselves or catching the crooks, can Mango and Brash make sure the gator good prevails?

About the Author

John Patrick Green is a human with the human job of making books about animals with human jobs, notably the smash-hit graphic novel series InvestiGators. John is definitely a multiple New York Times-bestselling human author and not just a bunch of animals in a trench coat pretending to have a human job. With over three million copies of InvestiGators in print, John is a successful human being with only two hands and a normal amount of fur. He lives in a Brooklyn apartment that doesn't allow animals other than the ones living in his head.