Mrs. 09595-021: How I went from being a cop's wife to being an inmate's wife (Paperback)

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Mrs. 09595-021: How I went from being a cop's wife to being an inmate's wife By Mary London Cover Image
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This book details how my family became the victims of a vicious sting that was organized as a collaboration between a local police department, the FBI, and convicted felons with hopes of reducing their sentences and making a quick buck. This was all done at the taxpayers' expense and at the expense of my family unit as I knew it. This is the story of how one police department in the Deep South "ethnically cleansed" their force with a game that spiraled completely out of control. This is how I went from being an officer's wife to being an inmate's wife. This is the American story of a man who served his country, and is now serving his country's time. This is how I became Mrs. 09595-021.

About the Author

Mary London is a business owner living in NC. She holds degrees in Technology Education, Information Technology and Information Systems. She is currently pursuing a law degree. She is the mother of one daughter, Jada. She was inspired to write this novel after witnessing firsthand how the government can come into your life and twist it to do what they want it to do. Since 1997, she has supported the officers of the "Savannah Sting" and has endured criticism, ridicule, and lots of pain. She has emeged from the ashes as a Phoenix determined to get her story out because the truth was never really told, not even in court. She enjoys traveling and reading in her spare time. She attends Shalom Community Christian Church in North Carolina.
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ISBN: 9781452836461
ISBN-10: 1452836469
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 27th, 2010
Pages: 102
Language: English