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The Telling (Hainish Cycle #7)

The Telling (Hainish Cycle #7)

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Publication Date: January 22nd, 2013
Brilliance Audio


Sutty, an Observer from Earth for the interstellar Ekumen, has been assigned to a new world--a world in the grips of a stern monolithic state, the Corporation. Embracing the sophisticated technology brought by other worlds and desiring to advance even faster into the future, the Akans recently outlawed the past, the old calligraphy, certain words, all ancient beliefs and ways; every citizen must now be a producer-consumer. Their state, not unlike the China of the Cultural Revolution, is one of secular terrorism. Traveling from city to small town, from loudspeakers to bleating cattle, Sutty discovers the remnants of a banned religion, a hidden culture. As she moves deeper into the countryside and the desolate mountains, she learns more about the Telling--the old faith of the Akans--and more about herself. With her intricate creation of an alien world, Ursula K. Le Guin compels us to reflect on our own recent history.