Memories Of A Retired Cop (Paperback)

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Memories Of A Retired Cop By Robert a. Meyerholz Sr Cover Image
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This book contains over 200 true life police stories that only a real Police Officer could experience. My true stories will tell about the Doctor who passed a standing school bus full on kindergarten children and then lied to me and said he was on an emergency call. Remembering his address from checking his drivers license, I found his Cadillac in his driveway. He was having lunch with his wife. I then wrote the ticket for passing a standing school bus and with utter pleasure, handed it to him. I will tell about the 55 year old man who was having a reported heart attack at 5:00 AM while in bed. Knowing that an ambulance would take approximately 15 minutes to arrive at his house and another 5 minutes to get to the Hospital, The man became unresponsive and I decided to take him in my police car a 1961 Chevy Biscayne color black with a long whip antenna on the left rear fender and a double blinking red light with built siren on the roof on my police car. I carried his limp body to my car and placed him in the front passenger seat and had his wife sit in the rear seat just behind him and hold his shoulders as I sped to the the Hospital arriving 3.5 minutes later. I could have lost my job had the poor man died in my police car. Because he did survive, his wife wrote a beautiful letter to my chief, calling me a hero: Then there was the little boy who asked me for a ride around the block in my police car. After getting mommy's permission he asked if his beagle dog named Sam could go also. Putting Sam in the back seat we proceeded until the youngster asked me what time it was and I answered 10 minutes to 2:00 PM. He then said, lets hurry because every day at 2:00 PM Sam throws up. What I said? We were back in the boys driveway in mere seconds. These are only a few of my vivid memories of being a Police Officer. The excitement, the danger. The opportunity to made a difference in peoples lives. No job in the world could compare to being a Police Officer.

About the Author

This Author was a Parts Manager with a Studebaker-- Packard--Mercedes-Benz dealer before joining the New Haven, Connecticut Police Department on January 9, 1961.
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ISBN: 9781503034495
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Publication Date: June 23rd, 2015
Pages: 268
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