A Witch's Lament (Paperback)

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A Witch's Lament By Cathy Walker Cover Image
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Sometimes, the past refuses to stay buried.

Salem, Massachusetts, has managed to build a thriving industry of tourism on the foundations of its dark past. But, beneath the seaside charm, bewitching shops, and seasonal surge of wannabe-witches and thrill-seekers, the ancient darkness still lurks.

Oblivious to the brewing danger, Skye Temple buys a historic house in the witch capital of the world and on her first day uncovers a skeleton and ancestral diaries in her new home's library. In escalating events of magic and murder, Skye discovers her true bloodlines and a familial birth task that involves guarding a powerful knife.

Police officer Jerome Phips has been searching for answers to his mother's disappearance for 30 years. She'd vanished during a ritual, and none of the other coven members had information about that night. So, when he receives the phone call about a skeleton and its location, his heart beats with hope and fear that he might finally know the truth.

As information unfolds and danger heightens, Jerome discovers Skye's relationship with one of the people present during the disastrous ritual. Though anger and blame make it difficult to work together, Jerome and Skye must overcome emotions to prevent the darkness from returning and fulfilling its own long-awaited task.

About the Author

Books have fueled my imagination since reading the Black Stallion series when I was younger. Never thinking that I could actually write a book, I sat down and began anyway. I now have 5 published books and more on the way, all of them with a theme of myths, legends, romance or fantasy. I am fortunate enough to live on a farm filled with animals to love and care for and mornings at the barnyard and time spent with my animals is what helps motivate me to write. Please check out my website to see what novels and short stories I have available. www.writesbooks.wix.com/cathywalker
Product Details
ISBN: 9781519494726
ISBN-10: 1519494726
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 1st, 2015
Pages: 268
Language: English