Baron Von Steuben's Revolutionary War Drill Manual (Paperback)

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Baron Von Steuben's Revolutionary War Drill Manual Cover Image
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A genuine historical document, written by a former Prussian officer charged with turning George Washington's demoralized army into an efficient fighting machine, this compendium of military drills and training techniques was the U.S. Army's official "blue book" until 1812. Presented here in a facsimile of its original 1794 printing, it offers a fascinating glimpse into the disciplinary routine of an American soldier in the early years of the Republic. FREDERICK WILLIAM BARON VON STEUBEN (1730-1794) served in the Prussian officer corps for 17 years before circumstances, and the attention of Benjamin Franklin, brought him to America's Revolutionary cause. After successfully reshaping the U.S. military and helping win the war, von Steuben retired to upstate New York.
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ISBN: 9781602061064
ISBN-10: 1602061068
Publisher: Cosimo Classics
Publication Date: March 15th, 2007
Pages: 180
Language: English