Dreamwork for Growth and Healing - A Guided Dream Journal (Hardcover)

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Dreamwork for Growth and Healing - A Guided Dream Journal By Katherine Lawson Cover Image
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Everyone dreams. The ancients believed that the dream was a gift from the gods to direct humans in their lives; they considered dreams to be the medicine of the soul. Psychotherapist Sigmund Freud called dreams the "royal road to the unconscious." In this beautiful guided dream journal, Dr. Katherine Lawson takes her readers on a journey within to explore and unlock the power of dreams.

In this beautiful and deeply insightful book about dreams, growth and healing. Discover a clearly guided step-by-step process for coming into a meaningful relationship with your dreams.

Each step has a custom mandala and is followed by pages for journaling your dreams, making drawings, completing exercises and interpretations.

STEP 1: Inviting and Hosting Your Dreams

STEP 2: Dream Incubation: Dreaming with Intention

STEP 3: Learning the Language

STEP 4: Interpretation: Getting Answers

STEP 5: Embodied Imagination

STEP 6: Integration and Healing

B O N U S - Grounded in Science


Product Details
ISBN: 9781638773559
ISBN-10: 1638773556
Publisher: Dreams Heal Publishing
Publication Date: July 13th, 2021
Pages: 126
Language: English