Signal 50/48: Killing Atlanta's Finest (Paperback)

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Signal 50/48: Killing Atlanta's Finest By Harold B. Goldhagen Cover Image
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"Signal 50/48" -- Person shot Person dead This is no ordinary police radio distress call. "Signal 50/48" Killing Atlanta's Finest is no ordinary book. In the eulogistic follow-up to his autobiographical debut, "Signal 63" Officer Needs Help , Captain Harold B. Goldhagen (ret.) delivers yet another gripping account of life and death as a big-city police officer. Paying tribute to fallen members of the law enforcement community, "Signal 50/48" Killing Atlanta's Finest chronicles twenty-eight separate cases of police homicides in Atlanta, dating back to 1960. Once again armed with indisputable truth, Goldhagen shifts his focus from the history of the collective to the tragedy of the individual. Three years of painstaking research has rendered privileged, page-turning insight into the morbid circumstances surrounding the sickening murders of city of Atlanta police officers. Rich with personal details of each of the victims, official crime scene reports, and interviews with surviving family members and colleagues, "Signal 50/48" Killing Atlanta's Finest is authentic nonfiction from an uncommonly credible source of authority.

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ISBN: 9781665305051
ISBN-10: 1665305053
Publisher: Booklogix
Publication Date: November 21st, 2022
Pages: 280
Language: English