Voices Waiting to Be Heard: Nineteen Eyewitness Accounts of Arnold's 1775 March to Quebec. (Hardcover)

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Voices Waiting to Be Heard: Nineteen Eyewitness Accounts of Arnold's 1775 March to Quebec. By Stephen Darley Cover Image
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Lengthy eyewitness accounts of events in the Revolutionary War are rare. The expedition to Quebec led by Benedict Arnold is an exception with 35 such accounts. In this book, Stephen Darley has compiled 13 unknown journals and 6 pension applications written by men who were participants on that famous march. These accounts provide details of the trek through the untamed wilderness of Maine and Canada, the New Years Eve assault on Quebec and being held as prisoners in Quebec. These personal narratives present the extreme hard ships and difficulties each writer experienced being part of a unique and historic march from Cambridge to make Canada the 14th American Colony and deprive the British of its North American base of operations. One historian concludes that "the march of Hannibal over the Alps has nothing in it of superior merit to the March of Arnold.'" he goes on to conclude that the men who were on the march have "been left an heir to oblivion, almost unwept, unhonored and sung only in a minor key." This book will help to understand and appreciate the sacrifices made by its participants.

About the Author

Stephen Darley was raised in Hyrum, a small farming community in northern Utah and attended undergraduate studies at Utah State University. He attended law school at George Washington University and served two years in the U.S. Army where he served in Vietnam. After leaving the army, he moved to New Haven, Connecticut where he operated a real estate construction and development company which specialized in affordable housing. Darley has a forty year interest in the history of the American Revolutionary War and Benedict Arnold. He is the author of four books and a number of published and unpublished articles on these topics as well as other historical periods and figures. Darley's long-standing interest in the Revolutionary War and Arnold has led to extensive research and collection of books, prints, ephemera. Mr. Darley is a member of the North Haven Historical Society, the Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Arnold Expedition Historical Society, Utah Historical Society and Museum of the Mountain Man. He lives in North Haven, Connecticut with his wife Peggy. His author website is www.darleybooks.com.
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ISBN: 9781665526074
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Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: June 1st, 2021
Pages: 376
Language: English