Airpower Applied: U.S., Nato, and Israeli Combat Experience (History of Military Aviation) (Hardcover)

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Airpower Applied: U.S., Nato, and Israeli Combat Experience (History of Military Aviation) Cover Image
By John Andreas Olsen (Editor)
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Airpower Applied reviews the evolution of airpower and its impact upon the history of warfare. Through a critical examination of twenty-nine case studies in which various U.S. coalitions and Israel played significant roles, this book offers perspectives on the political purpose, strategic meaning, and military importance of airpower. The authors demystify some of airpower's strategic history by extracting the most useful teachings to help military professionals and political leaders understand what airpower has to offer as a continuation of politics by other means.

This volume explores how warfare has changed over the last few decades and why airpower has become a dominant factor in war. The case studies emphasize the importance of connecting policy and airpower: operational effectiveness cannot substitute for poor statecraft. As the United States, its allies, and Israel have seen in their most recent applications of airpower, even the most robust and capable air weapon can never be more effective than the strategy and policy it is intended to support. By analyzing the operational history of the world's most battle-tested air forces, the accounts in this book can give military professionals insight into the political context in which air operations must be assessed, build their appreciation of the strategic value of airpower, and serve as a practical guide to the best uses of this potentially decisive tool.

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ISBN: 9781682470756
ISBN-10: 168247075X
Publisher: US Naval Institute Press
Publication Date: May 15th, 2017
Pages: 432
Language: English
Series: History of Military Aviation