Crossing All Lines (Paperback)

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CROSSING ALL LINES author Gene Warneke faithfully recreates the life and times of William (Bill) Schneid, ex-beat cop, special forces and ops operative, undercover agent, criminologist, and private investigator. Warneke gives us spine-tingling, sometimes humorous short stories that entertain but also expose the bigotry and unethical behaviors of domestic law enforcement agencies and special operations abroad. Bill Schneid, was, in fact, a Cop, a Spy and a PI who: - Fought with cartel members in the jungles of Colombia - Observed aliens and their craft at Area 51 - Protected Robert Kennedy and Howard Hughes- Debated an NYPD Commander on "Good Morning America" - Was featured in "Lou Grant", played by Joe Penny- Operated in Vietnam with the top-secret MACV-SOG (Studies & Observations Group)- Became addicted to heroin as an undercover drug agent- Uncovered illegal Nike missile & Blackhawk helicopter sales- Fought bank robbers and cartel drug distributors - Neutralized professional hitmen- Deceived President Moi of Kenya at his own con game- Met and studied notorious mass murderers and Aryan Brotherhood leaders - Uncovered the Tricare multi-billion dollar fraud scheme- Discovered Osama bin Laden had been disposed at sea covered in Smiley faces - Still operates as an elite private investigator.
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ISBN: 9781695032392
ISBN-10: 169503239X
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 23rd, 2019
Pages: 200
Language: English