Narcissistic Mothers: A Practical Guide for Daughter and Son to Recognize a Narcissistic Parent Abuse and How to Heal and Recover from Cptsd (Paperback)

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Narcissistic Mothers: A Practical Guide for Daughter and Son to Recognize a Narcissistic Parent Abuse and How to Heal and Recover from Cptsd By Rose Mary Parker Cover Image
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Narcissistic test included to recognize if your mother is a Narcissist.

Do you think a mother can be abusive to her children? Can she affect the mental health of her child?

The truth is: The truth is that parent abuse, particularly from the mother's end, can destroy the mental health of the children. As a daughter of a narcissistic family and from my personal experience of a life coach, I can guarantee you that there are numerous cases, more than you can imagine.

If you are an adult child and you feel your mother is a Narcissist, this book is for you

The most common symptom of narcissism is the fact that narcissists are unable to care genuinely about anyone other than themselves. So, if your mother is a narcissist, then she might often disregard your feelings and emotions. Only her needs are a priority. She never comes to a compromise with us, and if we fail to do what she wants, nagging, guilt-tripping, and abuses are her weapons.

Moreover, things can get worse when a narcissistic parent violates personal boundaries and tries to interfere in their child's life with the sole purpose of trying to manipulate the decisions of the child to satisfy their own selfish expectations and greed.

Rose Mary Parker, growing up, she struggled with emotionally immature parents and felt as though she was constantly walking on eggshells. Rose Mary's mother was never quite happy in life so, so she imposed her dreams onto her. Knowing the dynamics of her friend's family, she realized her home life was far from ordinary. Now, she is a happy mother of two daughters, who are both independent and strong, and life coach. She has devoted her life to helping others suffering from toxic relationships.

She decided to talk about this hidden subject with you to show you that you are not alone. Talking and recognizing the problem is the first step for healing. You will find cases of daughters and sons of Narcissistic Mothers: real-life instances that may relate to your situations and experience. The self-centered pattern of narcissistic mothers makes them arrogant and lacking other people's compassion and regard. Therefore, you will need an in-depth analysis of issues that arise from experience and how to live positively after that.

If you are suffering from parent abuse, the chances are that you might be alone with nobody to help you. Rarely someone will believe that your perfect mother is just an actor in her movie.

If this is your story, then you are not alone. Numerous people go through this. Growing up with a narcissistic mother is a challenge, unlike any other. When a narcissistic mother raises you, you experience unexplainable pressure from inside the relationship, outside of the relationship, and inside of yourself.

The goal of the e-Book is simple: To help children to recognize if they are suffering from a narcissistic parent abuse and assist them in healing and recovering from the CPTSD they might

You will also learn:

- How to identify a narcissist

- Various signs of narcissism

- Narcissistic strategies of manipulation

- How a narcissist might control you

- Traits of narcissistic mothers

- Types of narcissistic mothers

- What is NPD

- How to recover from a narcissistic abuse

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