Stroked by God (Paperback)

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Stroked by God is the poignant, funny, and inspirational story of musician John Bumgardner's rise within the music business, the catastrophic stroke-like event that permanently changed the path he was on, and the power of God's healing and redemption. It is the story of someone who lost everything they had achieved, and regained everything that mattered.John is a virtuoso guitarist, multi-instrument musician, and singer-songwriter, originally from Gastonia, North Carolina. His first major success came when he moved to Nashville, Tennessee and became a guitar player and manager for Paulette Carlson, (founding member of "Highway 101.) But, nearing the height of his career in the music industry, John suffered a devastating medical event with many symptoms of a stroke. This event seriously affected his dexterity and memory to the point he could no longer play his instruments. Many people would have become bitter at losing everything they had worked for their whole lives. But John knew that God was not finished with him yet. Through God's grace, John has not only recovered his ability to play music. He plays better than he ever did before. And today he is also an inventor, inspirational speaker, and author. By sharing his compelling story, John hopes that you too will be Stroked by God.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781734904505
ISBN-10: 173490450X
Publisher: Johnny Jingles Entertainment Group
Publication Date: October 6th, 2020
Pages: 118
Language: English