Working Together: A Practical Theology of Workplace Relationships (Paperback)

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Working Together: A Practical Theology of Workplace Relationships By Jim Petersen Cover Image
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When it comes to workplace and business relationships, many workers and leaders are frustrated by constant strife, tension, and distrust. Yet everything in a company's success stands (or falls) on trust -- between suppliers and clients, managers and employees, buyers and suppliers, accountants and lawyers.

Everything in business and economics is relational. Despite this truth, we often lack a vision for how to build stronger, healthier relational interactions at work. In Working Together, author Jim Petersen injects a rare perspective, one that is usually excluded from discussions about work and economics. He argues that a theological framework is needed, one that doesn't rely only on self-help principles. Jim identifies four character traits found in God's nature: integrity, love, humility, and forgiveness. He shows how these attributes, if we are willing to imitate God, can be applied to workplace and business relationships. The more we are aligned with God's designs for life, the more we and our teams will flourish.

Intended to be used individually or in small groups, this book includes insights from scripture and contemporary thinkers. It is for any professional who wants to explore ways to develop healthy and productive workplace teams, improve friendships with colleagues, or grow within a company.

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ISBN: 9781735848716
ISBN-10: 1735848719
Publisher: Global Commerce Network
Publication Date: April 4th, 2022
Pages: 128
Language: English