Speak Your Way to Cash(R): How to Start at the Top of the Speaking Market Instead of Working Your Way up From the Bottom! (Hardcover)

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Speak Your Way to Cash(R): How to Start at the Top of the Speaking Market Instead of Working Your Way up From the Bottom! By Ashley Kirkwood Cover Image
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It's Time You Made Money Speaking. Big Money.

TRUTH BOMB: Making excellent money as a paid speaker is NOT about how well-known you are. Instead, it's about how you package your speech and present yourself.

In Speak Your Way to Cash(R), entrepreneur and professional speaking coach Ashley N. Kirkwood takes you behind the scenes and unlocks the secrets to landing high-paying five and six-figure corporate speaking contracts using her firm's proprietary P.A.I.D. Method.(TM) Ashley developed her method while taking herself from someone who spoke for free at the Rotary Club to being an in-demand corporate speaker commanding 5-6 figures. And she did this in record time.

Would you like to be a highly paid speaker? Then get this book, because it'll show you how to:

  • ​Develop the mindset of a highly paid speaker;
  • Develop your speaking brand and using the media to explode it;
  • Use what you already know to craft an awe-inspiring speech/program;
  • Assemble a six-figure corporate speaking offer that gets noticed;
  • ​Provide world-class customer service that keeps the majorplayers coming back to you.

Again, you do not need to be a well-known, experienced speaker. If you have professional skills or knowledge (e.g., an advanced degree, superior sales or entrepreneurial skills, upper-management experience, a professional trade, or similar) you already have what organizations will pay handsomely for.

The fact is, corporations, universities, and other organizations have an insatiable need for experts from every imaginable field. Whether it's for training purposes, team building, sales, marketing, diversity/sensitivity training, seminar presentations, or similar, thousands of people are hired and paid 5-6 figures to share their knowledge.

Stop starting at the bottom. You already have what the people who pay the big money want. Let's get you acquainted with them. Speak Your Way to Cash does exactly that.

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ISBN: 9781736229910
ISBN-10: 1736229915
Publisher: Speak Your Way to Cash
Publication Date: November 15th, 2021
Pages: 280
Language: English