painfully honest: The Tale of a Recovering Helper (Paperback)

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painfully honest: The Tale of a Recovering Helper By Kathy Brooks, Tara Livesay (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Kathy Brooks, Tara Livesay (Foreword by)
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A beautiful things has happened in the last few decades . It has become increasingly popular and Instagram- worthy to travel to marginalized spaces in our world and Help. In this book the author, Kathy Brooks, describes her painfully honest journey of learning that her own help has hurt. She casts light on how often "we as helpers believe a single story about people living in marginalized communities and are ignorant of the complexities within the culture. And because of that, we begin with the wrong questions, if we ask questions at all." She shares how she, as artist turned social entrprenuer, came to terms with her own ignorance and unhelpful savior mentality. She writes openly about her mistakes, which are partly hilarious and partly heart-stopping. These are the stories of a recovering helper who arrived in Gonaives Haiti and built a small company, 2nd Story Goods, despite her many blunders. In her struggle to learn to lead well she discoverd that true leaders: Strengthen their team's sense of personal power and responsibility. Share responsibitly for outcomes. Create more leaders. For those that want to learn to help and lead better, this book is for you.
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ISBN: 9781736581803
ISBN-10: 1736581805
Publisher: Kathy Brooks
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2021
Pages: 246
Language: English