American Aircraft Development - World War Two Legacy: 1945-1953 and the Korean War (Hardcover)

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American Aircraft Development - World War Two Legacy: 1945-1953 and the Korean War By William Norton Cover Image
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This volume focuses on the influence of America's Second World War aviation development and experience, subsequent aviation technological advances, and world events, in shaping American choices in military aircraft and associated weapons development during the few years following the war. It shows how air warfare weapons from the last conflict were carried forward and altered, how new systems evolved from these, and how the choices fared in the next war--Korea. The period was one of remarkable progress in a short span of time via a great many aircraft and weapons programs, and associated technological progress. These systems were of immense importance influencing and growing the engineering, production, and operational capabilities to be exploited for the next generation of weapons that soon followed. Emphasized is the innovative features or new technology and how these contributed to advancing American military aviation, influencing the evolution of follow-on models or types. Included are military prototype, experimental, and research aircraft that are equally important in understanding the history of American aircraft development. Combat employment, progress, and equipment adaptation during the Korean Conflict is then highlighted. Tabulated characteristics are provided of those aircraft that entered production or represented significant technological advances influencing others that follow.
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ISBN: 9781781558287
ISBN-10: 1781558280
Publisher: Fonthill Media
Publication Date: February 8th, 2022
Pages: 512
Language: English