US Army Survival Field Manual (Paperback)

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Finally, a complete print edition of the latest US Army Survival Field Manual

Unlike others, which are hurriedly put together from internet-sourced text files and low-res pictures and tables, this edition is complete and unadulterated with high-resolution graphics and images. The page count, table of contents, illustrations, photos, tables, index and appendices are all precisely where they should be in this definitive 676 page print edition.

As far as military survival training manuals go, there are none to equal FM 3-05.70 Survival for sheer usefulness. When tasked with updating the old and outdated FM 21-76 Survival back in the late 1990s, those SERE experts at the US Army's John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School took their collective decades of field survival experience and combined it all with classic and effective survival methods; traditional bushcraft and primitive skills and wrapped it all up in a highly-practical, exhaustively-tested, scholarly and encyclopedic approach to rescue, survival psychology and living off the land in order to ensure our fighting men and women have the best chance to make it home from any given survival situation. As a result, these Special Forces SERE experts made Field Manual 3-05.70 one of the best military survival guides ever written

FM 3-05.70 Survival covers topics such as:

  • The psychology of survival;
  • Survival kits;
  • Survival planning;
  • Survival medicine;
  • Shelter;
  • Water;
  • Firecraft;
  • Food;
  • Wild edibles;
  • Poisonous plants;
  • Dangerous animals;
  • Improvised weapons;
  • Tools;
  • Desert survival;
  • Jungle survival;
  • Cold weather survival;
  • Survival at sea;
  • Expedient navigation;
  • Signaling;
  • Evasion;
  • Movement in hostile areas;
  • And much, much more

Aside from the obvious military uses for the techniques described in this manual, the prepper, outdoorsman and woman will find the manual indispensable. Studying it will make you better in the bush, and as a bonus, it could save your life

This field-sized edition makes it easy to throw into your ruck while practicing the techniques in the field. Every prepper, sportsman and outdoorsman should own a proper, readable print copy of this outstanding survival reference manual

Product Details
ISBN: 9781976493591
ISBN-10: 1976493595
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 17th, 2017
Pages: 678
Language: English