The Marriage Between Physical Body and Energy Body: A Guide for a Better Understanding (Paperback)

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The Marriage Between Physical Body and Energy Body: A Guide for a Better Understanding By Christine H. Schenk Cover Image
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In an easily comprehensible way, Christine Schenk communicates the fact that we have not only a physical body but an energy body and that the existence of the energy body is not something that can be perceived only by a few clairvoyant people. Based on practical examples she explains how every human being can distinguish between the reactions of the energy body and those of the physical body. Reports of her work with clients illustrate that this individual interaction can be observed by sensitizing one's own perceptual abilities and that feelings, thoughts and interests can be assigned to the respective body. Questionnaires and exercises are included to support the reader in this task. Furthermore, this book contains a wide range of details concerning the anatomy of the energy body. In a concise way, it addresses those readers who want to have more basic knowledge in order to deal with energetic healing modalities in a responsible way. It also addresses those people who want to integrate their experience in regard to themselves and their environment into their daily life. "This book is refreshingly practical and down-to-earth." Excerpt from the commentary by Dr. Christine Reich, daughter of Wilhelm Reich "The book offers insights into a holistic world view beyond the limitations of a guru-led life style. The author's guide through the energy world combines historic and scientific findings with (...) practical components like questionnaires and exercises aimed at deepening our perception. (...) Overall, the book is marked by an independent spirit that appeals to confident and independent readers." Dr. Hannemann, Journalist.
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ISBN: 9783938429013
ISBN-10: 3938429011
Publisher: Oiri Edition
Publication Date: November 13th, 2017
Pages: 156
Language: English