Gandhi's Vision: Freedom and Beyond (Hardcover)

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-Presents some glimpses from Gandhi's life: how he adopted non-violence as a potent tool in his quest for the 'truth force' and led the path to India's independence -Showcases some hand-picked photographs from the National Gandhi Museum, which portray various scenes from Gandhi's life with his South African friends, co-workers and Kasturba, his wife. These show his transformation over the years, and a few personal moments as well, which highlight his bonding with family and children -Exhibits the picture that Gandhi himself envisioned of what the future of India as a free nation would behold -Rich in archival content, the book should help scholars and students alike, researching on the subject Gandhi's Vision: Freedom and Beyond chronicles the principal events leading to India's independence under Gandhi's leadership and his vision of a free India. The book commemorates 71 years of Indian independence and is replete with portraits of the Mahatma in action - invoking the spirit of patriotism, uniting people from all religions, regions and social groups across the country: Hindus, Muslims and Parsis, peasants and landlords, workers and capitalists, the intelligentsia and the illiterates, men and women, the young and the old. Among those stalwarts who led the freedom movement, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi shines not only for the novel means of non-violence, but also for simultaneously wanting to root out social evils like communal hatred, untouchability and gender disparity. With several such issues espoused by him continuing to dominate the social space, his teachings remain relevant even today. Contents: Introduction; Towards Freedom; The Awakening; Pre-Gandhian Movements in India and Gandhi in South Africa; Gandhi's Return to India; Satyagraha, Non-Cooperation and Civil Disobedience in India; The Final Call - Quit India Movement; Walking Alone and Freedom; Gandhi's Dream of Free India; Vision of India as a Stable, Flourishing and Sustainable Nation; Progress with Knowledge and Education; Acknowledgements; References.

About the Author

Dr Aparna Basu is currently Chairperson of the National Gandhi Museum, Raj Ghat, New Delhi. She was formerly Professor of History, University of Delhi. Aparna Basu obtained her BA and Ph.D from the University of Cambridge, UK and her MA from George Washington University, USA. She has written widely on women's history and history of education. She was on the editorial board of Indian Economic and Social History Review and is on the advisory board of the Indian Journal of Gender Studies. She has published biographies of Mridula Sarabhai, G.L. Mehta, Abbas Tyabji and Kasturba Gandhi. She was a Fellow of St. Antony's College and Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford and Wolfson College, Cambridge, UK.
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ISBN: 9789385285936
ISBN-10: 9385285939
Publisher: Niyogi Books
Publication Date: July 5th, 2019
Pages: 280
Language: English