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Just Relax!

Just Relax!

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Publication Date: November 19th, 2022
Kotra Siva Rama Krishna
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It is in circulation in the village of Mummara that some sorcerers were burnt alive in a hut in the suburbs of that village as they were doing atrocities on the villagers, later the spirits of the sorcerers were buried and spell-bounded under the earth as they continued their atrocities on the villagers, by another sorcerer who had been brought from a faraway place. It was part of that story that the spells would hold the spirits only for a period of hundred years and there was a chance that they become spell free at anytime during the period of hundred years also. All the villagers and the present village chief Kodandapani were also feeling fear as there were strange incidents happening in the village and in their houses also. The father of the previous village chief Parasuram wrote about those matters in a notebook and handed over the same to Parasuram but he lost the same somewhere.

Niranjan, a reputed psychologist, heard the spirits' story of Mummara village from his mother whose parents used to live in that village. He did not know why but whenever he remembered that story he felt strange connection with the village and the spirits' story there in. He opined that he would have played an important role in burying and spell-binding the spirits in that village and he thought that he has a responsibility to solve the spirits' problem of that village.

Sarath was another person, the friend of Sudhir who was the son of Kodandapani, also felt strange whenever he was in the village and whenever he heard the spirits' story. Sarath also believed strongly that he has some connection with the said spirits' story. Because of his strong sudden feeling towards Mummara village, he came into it and stayed in the house of Kodandapani thinking furiously what to do.

Vinay was an interesting character in that village, even he was educated, he has belief and interest on paranormal which irritated Supraja, psychologist and daughter of Kodandapani, to the maximum. But she was attracted towards him strongly despite her disgust on his interest on paranormal, so she could not refrain herself from expressing her love to him. Still she did not like, Rupa and Manoj, consulting Vinay for solving the problem of her daughter Savitha who previously used to see spirits and now saying that a spirit entered into her body. Supraja convinced Rupa and her husband Manoj, that their daughter has never seen any spirits and in the same way no spirit entered into her body and tried to cure Savitha with hypnotherapy. She did not know what to do when her hypnotherapy failed and Rupa and Manoj started taking their daughter again to Vinay.

Sarika, came into her house in the suburbs of the village along with her parents once again after twelve years. When she came to know that her close friend Neeraja's family who used to reside just opposite to their house left their house suddenly on one midnight and no one has heard anything about them till then disturbed her a little. When Sarika remembered the madness of Neeraja's mother Madhuri, how the father and daughter suffered because of Madhuri's insanity, she became even more upset. Even the story she heard that Neeraja and her parents were murdered inside of their house and were buried there by someone, was not trustworthy, it made her more and more upset and uneasy. Sarika started behaving hysterically as Neeraja was appearing to her and was asking her to die and become a spirit to stay with her always. It was Supraja who also was a friend to Sarika, be with that family and helped in solving Sarika's problem.

How the spirits problem of the Mummara village was solved, how Sarika's problem was solved, what happened to her friend Neeraja and her parents, how Savitha's problem was solved are the main themes of the story 'Just Relax ' which not aims to make you scary but to relax