You Were Created For Greatness: A Philosophy On Wholeness (2nd Edition) (Paperback)

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You Were Created For Greatness: A Philosophy On Wholeness (2nd Edition) By Jackson Hale Cover Image
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"Greatness isn't about money. It isn't about skill. It isn't about the number of people you reach. It's about the depth of impact one makes in the lives of others. Through Christ-centered wellness, you can maximize your impact in this world."

Within You Were Created for Greatness, Jackson Hale brings to life his 360wellness approach to holistic healthcare, so you can cultivate your God-given potential to change the world and be the light it so desperately needs. Will you accept the invitation?

Through his unique 5 Keys to Wellness (Recovery, Exercise, Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Faith), as well as scripture and practical application, Jackson shares his passion to help you find what he calls "wholeness" in your own life. If you are seeking to go deeper with God or want to optimize your physical, mental, and spiritual fitness, this book is for you 1 Timothy 4:8

"Jackson Hale has touched on a nerve We all want to feel better about ourselves, yet we often approach the process in a one-dimensional way that leaves us disappointed with short-lived results. Within the pages of this book are the keys to thriving in the way God has intended for you. These simple yet profound principles, founded on God's Word, will breathe life and health into your entire being... Spirit, Mind, and Body." - Pastor Joel Phillips, Escondido Christian Church

"The complete picture of your wellness involves more than just diet and exercise. Jackson has made a very compelling argument that your wellness and greatness are intimately connected. Through the ideas presented in this book, you will begin to realize true wellness requires a '360' approach." - Dr. Clarence Lee, Jr. MD, MBA

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ISBN: 9798218114121
Publisher: 360wellness
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2023
Pages: 156
Language: English