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Wolf's Instinct (A Day Care for Shifters #1)

Wolf's Instinct (A Day Care for Shifters #1)

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Publication Date: September 14th, 2021
Independently Published
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Shifter kids and hot single dads in a small town with a secret...

Lynx shifter Addison has come to the quaint Montana town of Nickel City to work at a new, shifters-only daycare. She doesn't expect to meet a breathtakingly gorgeous man on her first day wrangling owl toddlers and armadillo kids. But she's been dazzled by a handsome face before and barely got away from her last controlling boyfriend. Can she trust her lynx's instinct that this is where she's meant to be at last?

Roderick's toddler daughter and busy plumbing business keep him too wrapped up for romance and while he trusts his wolf, the magic of instinct can be like playing hot-and-cold with a kid who's forgotten where they hid the prize. Everything about new arrival Addison makes him think there might just be room in his little family for one more, but he has to think of Gabby first.

Just as they think they might find the path together to their own happy-ever-after, Addison's new job is threatened and the mother of Roderick's daughter arrives to complicate matters...and she isn't the only ex on the horizon. Can they keep the fledgling day care from going under and follow their instincts to happiness?

Funny and full of feeling, Wolf's Instinct is a standalone shifter romance with a bold new twist on fated mates and a whole lot of adorable shifter children.