The Reflex Part 1: First Book in the Reflex Series (Hardcover)

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The Reflex Part 1: First Book in the Reflex Series By Maria Denison Cover Image
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Can Cara live a happily ever after when her marriage, her relationships, even her family live with the lies and secrets she has withheld from them? It was never with malice, but regardless, the people in her life do not know the full truth. Her life moves forward, with no one being the wiser, until it doesn't. Until the lies and secrets are forced to be revealed. The Reflex Series follows the belief in time, space and reality moving along and taking all of us for the ride. Because for most of us, it's what we do. We ride through with our lies of omission, little white deceptions, secrets, and mysteries. Sometimes we enjoy the ride, and often we struggle with it. But...we ride, regardless. Now, imagine a hiccup in the ride. Not a struggle or challenge, but a tangible, personal, reality glitch. Envision a moment, or series of events, capable of creating doubt in what you know to be true. Welcome to the The Reflex series.
Product Details
ISBN: 9798765228234
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication Date: July 21st, 2022
Pages: 230
Language: English