The Imposter Lies Within: Silence Your Inner Critic, Tame Your Fear, Unleash Your Badassery (Paperback)

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The Imposter Lies Within: Silence Your Inner Critic, Tame Your Fear, Unleash Your Badassery By Sheryl Anjanette, Annis Cover Image
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A brilliant book that covers the intersection between business and mindset. A unique approach, illustrating the toll unchecked imposter syndrome has on health and performance, with a holistic approach to get past it.

Imposter Syndrome Unmasked. You can live Imposter-free Let go of self-doubt, say goodbye to self-sabotage and heal comparison(itis). Do you feel like it's just a matter of time before you're found out? That you were lucky, or just in the right place at the right time? That you are not as accomplished as others think you are and you've been deceiving them all?

You may feel like you're not good enough. Not worthy of what you have, or not deserving of what you've accomplished. There's a disconnect between your actual accomplishments and how you feel about them.

The imposter within is lying. You're not really an imposter, and it's not that others think you are either. But the feeling is real. It feels like you may be exposed at any time as a fraud. Ready to meet the liar? This imposter within doesn't recognize the real you. Your Inner Critic gives voice to the lies that keep you playing small or struggling.

If the idea of letting go of crippling self-doubt, fear and anxiety sounds appealing, this book is for you. Sheryl Anjanette takes you through a powerful journey that is thoughtful, methodical and practical. You will find 20 exercises and further resources to get past imposter syndrome and not just through it. You will find the holistic approach and concepts of The Healthy Zone and The Mind Stack as keys to step into a life of inner peace where you adapt easily to change, handle new opportunities with confidence and feel energized by your accomplishments. This idea that you can live imposter-free is a refreshing perspective for those who have felt they just needed to live with these uncomfortable internalized emotions.

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ISBN: 9798985541311
Publisher: Awi Media
Publication Date: May 11th, 2022
Pages: 286
Language: English