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Vivencias de Un Policia: 30 anos de Proteccion e Integridad Puertorriquena By David Ortiz Cover Image
Lipstick and a Gun: : A Police Officer's Memoir By Jody L. Lynch Cover Image
Captain Bionic: La Asombrosa Historia de Luis Cumba: Un Verdarero Heroe Latino Americano y Bombero Medico y Policia By Luis Cumba, Dana Dorfman (With) Cover Image
Criminal Shorts: Memories of Policing in the Uganda Protectorate By D. J. MacDonald Cover Image
The Secret World of a Private Eye By George Brady Cover Image
The Journey: U.S. Border Patrol & The Solution To The Illegal Alien Problem By Donald R. Coppock Cover Image
So You Want to Be a Cop? By Robert Rattenbury Cover Image
Reparations: Preventing the Annihilation from co2 with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power System By Stephen A. Miller Cover Image
Shards: A Young Vice Cop Investigates Her Darkest Case of Meth Addiction—Her Own By Allison Moore, Nancy Woodruff (With) Cover Image
It Will Get Tough: Cops & Bikers By Ralph Teach Elrod Cover Image
Whispering Smith By Allen P. Bristow Cover Image
The King of Sting: The Amazing True Story of a Modern American Outlaw By Craig Glazer, Sal Manna (With) Cover Image
By Craig Glazer, Sal Manna (With)
BACK HOME in Amite County, Mississippi By Billy Anders Cover Image
Detective Caminada's Casebook: Memoirs of Manchester's Sherlock Holmes By Jerome Caminada, Angela Buckley (Editor) Cover Image
Harvey's Law By Roger Harvey Cover Image
Losing Jon: A Teen's Tragic Death, a Police Cover-Up, a Community's Fight for Justice By David Parrish Cover Image
Thirty-Three Years: The Unfiltered Memoir of a Cop By Rob G. Rothwell Cover Image
Manhunters: How We Took Down Pablo Escobar By Steve Murphy, Javier F. Peña, Ramon de Ocampo (Read by), Rob Shapiro (Read by) Cover Image
Ten Feet Tall and Not Quite Bulletproof By Cameron Hardiman Cover Image
For Thou Art with Me: A Cop's Story of Seeking Justice but Finding Redemption By David O'Hara Cover Image