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From Bush-Bunny to Horse-Cop By Dave Hart Cover Image
There But For the Grace of God: Survivors of the 20th Century's Infamous Serial Killers By Fred Rosen Cover Image
Excessive Force: Toronto's Fight to Reform City Policing By Alok Mukherjee, Tim Harper Cover Image
The Last Gangster By George Anastasia Cover Image
The Evil That Men Do: FBI Profiler Roy Hazelwood's Journey Into the Minds of Sexual Predators By Joe Barrett (Read by), Stephen G. Michaud, Roy Hazelwood Cover Image
Snapshots: A Cop's Story By Gary Collins Cover Image
New London Police Department By Sr. Keating, Sgt Lawrence M., Lawrence Keating, Catherine Keating Cover Image
Steamboat Barry By John Davies, Barry Stevenson Cover Image
The Truth, I Think By James J. Cameron Jr Cover Image
Forever Blue: Adventures, Lessons, and Purpose - True Stories of My Life as a Police Officer By Carl Ross Cover Image
A Darker Shade of Blue By L. a. Girifalco, A. J. Spagnolletti Cover Image
Chameleon II - True Stories of a Texas Undercover Police Officer: Chameleon II - True Stories of a Texas Undercover Police Officer By Ty Cran Cover Image
By Ty Cran
A Force Like No Other: The Next Shift: More Real Stories from the Ruc Men and Women Who Policed the Troubles By Colin Breen Cover Image
Ride the Devil's Herd: Wyatt Earp's Epic Battle Against the West's Biggest Outlaw Gang By John Boessenecker, Stephen Graybill (Read by) Cover Image
I Took It As A Sign By Susan Ashton-Burghley Cover Image
Caged Sparrow By Rosemarie Fitzsimmons, Joseph a. Tuttolomondo Cover Image
Lofton 6: A Travesty of Justice By Darryl Glenn Lofton Cover Image
My Life As A Maryland Lawman By Jeff Hewett Cover Image
Blue Line Baby: Chronicles of a Cop's Kid By Dale E. Waaler (Foreword by), Tyler E. Waaler (Editor), Christa C. Waaler-Trinchera Cover Image
Justified.: An In-Depth look at Police Use of Force By Michael H. Schmitz Cover Image