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Not My Time By Gary Pacelli Cover Image
Black and Blue: The Creation Of A Social Advocate By Cheryl Dorsey Cover Image
Budapest to Vietnam By Nicholas J. Hun, Michael L. Jewell Cover Image
Badges Bears and Eagles By Steven T. Callan Cover Image
Tupac Behind Bars By Michael Christopher Cover Image
The Education of a Coroner: Lessons in Investigating Death By John Bateson Cover Image
Serpico By Peter Maas, Frank Serpico Cover Image
Jesus Christ on Killing By Sgt Charlie Eipper Cover Image
Filthy Rich: The Jeffrey Epstein Story (James Patterson True Crime #2) By James Patterson, John Connolly, Tim Malloy (With) Cover Image
Life and Death in the North Woods: The Story of the Maine Game Warden Service By Eric Wight Cover Image
The 3-0: Based on a True Story of the Largest Police Corruption Scandal in New York City's History - The Dirty Thirty By Liborio Lungaro Cover Image
Chicago Street Cop: Amazing True Stories from the Mean Streets of Chicago and Beyond By Pat McCarthy Cover Image
Bass Reeves: Tales of the Talented Tenth, no. 1 By Joel Christian Gill Cover Image
Over the Wall: From the Dangerous Streets of NYC…Through the Birth of Counterterrorism and Beyond By Kevin M. Hallinan, Rob Travalino (With) Cover Image
Homer's Odyssey: A Memoir By Homer Hudelson Cover Image
Flic: The True Story of the Journalist Who Infiltrated the Police By Valentin Gendrot, Frank Wynne (Translator), Thierry Chavant (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Valentin Gendrot, Frank Wynne (Translator), Thierry Chavant (Illustrator)
Murder Investigation Team: How Scotland Yard Really Catches Killers By Steven Keogh Cover Image
Black Klansman: Race, Hate, and the Undercover Investigation of a Lifetime By Ron Stallworth Cover Image
The Line Riders: The Border Patrol, Prohibition, and the Liquor War on the Rio Grande By Samuel K. Dolan Cover Image
Down Inside: Thirty Years in Canada's Prison Service By Robert Clark Cover Image