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Exposing the Magic of Design: A Practitioner's Guide to the Methods and Theory of Synthesis (Human Technology Interaction) By Jon Kolko Cover Image
Full Funnel Marketing By Matt Heinz, The Heinz Marketing Team Cover Image
Unsustainable Inequalities: Social Justice and the Environment By Lucas Chancel, Malcolm Debevoise (Translator) Cover Image
By Lucas Chancel, Malcolm Debevoise (Translator)
Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone. By Mitch Joel Cover Image
The Sins of the Father: Joseph P. Kennedy and the Dynasty he Founded By Ronald Kessler Cover Image
The Next Level By James B. Wood Cover Image
INVERTIR EN SUDÁFRICA - VISIT SOUTH AFRICA - Celso Salles By Celso Salles Cover Image
Radicals & Visionaries: Entrepreneurs Who Revolutionized the 20th Century By Thaddeus Wawro Cover Image
Get Your Covid 19 Vaccines By Ganihu Onyebuashi Cover Image
Copy This Book!: What Data Tells Us about Copyright and the Public Good By Paul J. Heald Cover Image
The Big Sister's Guide to the World of Work: The Inside Rules Every Working Girl Must Know By Marcelle DiFalco, Jocelyn Greenky Herz Cover Image
The Duties, Drawbacks and Bounties of Customs and Excise By T. Sherlock Cover Image
12 Jours By Eric Behanzin Cover Image
The Culture Project: 30 Days to Reboot Your Organization By Thomas Bradbury Cover Image
The Economics of Attention: Style and Substance in the Age of Information By Richard A. Lanham Cover Image
Economics and the Christian Worldview By Dave Arnott Cover Image
How to Give Employees Performance Feedback & Resolve the Resistance You Know You're Going to Get By Ross Blake Cover Image
The Second Industrial Divide: Possibilities For Prosperity By Michael Piore, Charles Sabel Cover Image
Emprendimiento Creativo By Javier Hernández Acosta Cover Image
Etiquette By Emily Post Cover Image