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2061: Odyssey Three (Space Odyssey Series) By Arthur C. Clarke Cover Image
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (Vorkosigan Saga #16) By Lois McMaster Bujold Cover Image
Inversions By Iain M. Banks Cover Image
Mission of Honor (Honor Harrington  #12) By David Weber Cover Image
Star Wars: Convergence (The High Republic) (Star Wars: The High Republic) By Zoraida Córdova Cover Image
Field of Dishonor (Honor Harrington  #4) By David Weber Cover Image
The Believer: A Univiah Novel Book 1 By Phil Muirhead, Juliette Lachemeier (Editor) Cover Image
Honor Among Enemies Honor Harrington VI, Volume 6 By David Weber Cover Image
Ammonite By Nicola Griffith Cover Image
Burn-In: A Novel of the Real Robotic Revolution By P. W. Singer, August Cole Cover Image
STARGATE ATLANTIS Third Path (Legacy book 8) (Sga #23) By Melissa Scott, Jo Graham Cover Image
Paradox: A Beyond Human Novel By Michelle Schad Cover Image
The Kaiju Preservation Society By John Scalzi Cover Image
Archer 887 By Anna Schroeder, Paul Palmer-Edwards (Artist) Cover Image
What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: The Chronicles of St. Mary's Book Six By Jodi Taylor Cover Image
STARGATE ATLANTIS Unascended (Legacy book 7) (Sga #22) By Jo Graham, Amy Griswold Cover Image
Black Cat: Discord: A Marvel Heroines Novel By Cath Lauria Cover Image
Sword Art Online 13 (light novel): Alicization Dividing By Reki Kawahara Cover Image
Off to Be the Wizard (Magic 2.0 #1) By Scott Meyer Cover Image
Deal with the Devil: A Mercenary Librarians Novel By Kit Rocha Cover Image