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African Founders: How Enslaved People Expanded American Ideals By David Hackett Fischer Cover Image
The Last Slave Ship: The True Story of How Clotilda Was Found, Her Descendants, and an Extraordinary Reckoning By Ben Raines Cover Image
A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier By Ishmael Beah Cover Image
The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu: And Their Race to Save the World's Most Precious Manuscripts By Joshua Hammer Cover Image
Women's Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle By Thomas Sankara Cover Image
Fevers, Feuds, and Diamonds: Ebola and the Ravages of History By Paul Farmer Cover Image
The Black Joke: The True Story of One Ship's Battle Against the Slave Trade By A.E. Rooks Cover Image
Slaves for Peanuts: A Story of Conquest, Liberation, and a Crop That Changed History By Jori Lewis Cover Image
The King of Lokoja: William Balfour Baikie the Forgotten Man of Africa By Wendell McConnaha Cover Image
Lose Your Mother: A Journey Along the Atlantic Slave Route By Saidiya Hartman Cover Image
Hebrewisms of West Africa By Joseph J. Williams, Lushena Books (Other) Cover Image
We Are Heirs of the World's Revolutions: Speeches from the Burkina Faso Revolution 1983-87 By Thomas Sankara Cover Image
Thomas Sankara Parle: La Révolution Au Burkina Faso, 1983-1987 By Thomas Sankara Cover Image
The Brutish Museums: The Benin Bronzes, Colonial Violence and Cultural Restitution By Dan Hicks Cover Image
The Class Struggle in Africa By Kwame Nkrumah Cover Image
A History of the Yoruba People By Stephen Adebanji Akintoye Cover Image
Empire of Rubber: Firestone's Scramble for Land and Power in Liberia By Gregg Mitman Cover Image
The Kebra Nagast: King Solomon, The Queen of Sheba & Her Only Son Menyelek - Ethiopian Legends and Bible Folklore By E. a. Wallis Budge Cover Image
African Narratives of Orishas, Spirits and Other Deities By Alex Cuoco Cover Image
African Narratives of Orishas, Spirits and Other Deities By Alex Cuoco Cover Image