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In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin By Erik Larson Cover Image
Destined to Witness: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany By Hans Massaquoi Cover Image
Iron and Blood: A Military History of the German-Speaking Peoples Since 1500 By Peter H. Wilson Cover Image
Taking Berlin: The Bloody Race to Defeat the Third Reich By Martin Dugard Cover Image
Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland By Christopher R. Browning Cover Image
Magnificent Rebels: The First Romantics and the Invention of the Self By Andrea Wulf Cover Image
Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich By Norman Ohler Cover Image
The Lighthouse of Stalingrad: The Hidden Truth at the Heart of the Greatest Battle of World War II By Iain MacGregor Cover Image
All the Frequent Troubles of Our Days: The True Story of the American Woman at the Heart of the German Resistance to Hitler By Rebecca Donner Cover Image
When Money Dies: The Nightmare of Deficit Spending, Devaluation, and Hyperinflation in Weimar Germany By Adam Fergusson Cover Image
Bloody Verrières: The I. Ss-Panzerkorps Defence of the Verrières-Bourguebus Ridges: Volume II: The Defeat of Operation Spring and the Battles of Tilly By Arthur W. Gullachsen Cover Image
Cold War Berlin: An Island City: Volume 3: Us Forces in Berlin - Keeping the Peace, 1945-1994 By Andrew Long Cover Image
Ordinary Men By Christopher R. Browning Cover Image
The Crusades: The Authoritative History of the War for the Holy Land By Thomas Asbridge Cover Image
The Chancellor: The Remarkable Odyssey of Angela Merkel By Kati Marton Cover Image
Hitler's Revolution: Ideology, Social Programs, Foreign Affairs By Tedor Richard Cover Image
The Shortest History of Germany: From Roman Frontier to the Heart of Europe—A Retelling for Our Times (Shortest History Series) By James Hawes Cover Image
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany By William L. Shirer, Ron Rosenbaum (Introduction by) Cover Image
By William L. Shirer, Ron Rosenbaum (Introduction by)
In His Own Words: The Essential Speeches of Adolf Hitler By Adolf Hitler, C. J. Miller (Translator) Cover Image
By Adolf Hitler, C. J. Miller (Translator)
German Tanks of World War II: 1939-1945 (Technical Guides) By David Porter Cover Image