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Metahistory: The Historical Imagination in Nineteenth-Century Europe By Hayden White Cover Image
Historiography in the Twentieth Century: From Scientific Objectivity to the Postmodern Challenge By Georg G. Iggers Cover Image
Thinking Europe: A History of the European Idea Since 1800 (Making Sense of History #46) By Mats Andrén Cover Image
Telling of the Anthracite: A Pennsylvania Posthistory By Philip Mosley Cover Image
Ellis Island: A People's History By Malgorzata Szejnert, Sean Gasper Bye (Translator) Cover Image
The Reign of Edward II, 1307-27 (Manchester Medieval Sources) By Wendy Childs (Editor), Wendy Childs (Translator), Phillipp Schofield (Editor) Cover Image
By Wendy Childs (Editor), Wendy Childs (Translator), Phillipp Schofield (Editor)
A History of Montana in 101 Objects: Artifacts & Essays from the Montana Historical Society By Montana Historical Society, Tom Ferris (Photographer) Cover Image
The Power of the Steel-Tipped Pen: Reconstructing Native Hawaiian Intellectual History By Noenoe K. Silva, Ngugi Wa Thiong'o (Foreword by) Cover Image
The Essential E. P. Thompson By E. P. Thompson, Dorothy Thompson (Editor) Cover Image
Provincializing Europe: Postcolonial Thought and Historical Difference - New Edition (Princeton Studies in Culture/Power/History) By Dipesh Chakrabarty Cover Image
Beyond Patriotic Phobias: Connections, Cooperation, and Solidarity in the Peruvian-Chilean Pacific World By Joshua Savala Cover Image
History in the Making: An Absorbing Look at How American History Has Changed in the Telling Over the Last 200 Years By Kyle Ward Cover Image
Christian Historiography: Five Rival Versions By Jay D. Green Cover Image
Religious Transformations in New Communities of Interpretation in Europe (1350-1570): Bridging the Historiographical Divides By Elise Boillet (Editor), Ian Johnson (Editor) Cover Image
By Elise Boillet (Editor), Ian Johnson (Editor)
The Third Reich in History and Memory By Richard J. Evans Cover Image
Preserving the Truth: The Church without a Name and Its Founder, William Irvine By Cherie Kropp-Ehrig Cover Image
The French Historical Revolution: The Annales School, 1929-2014, Second Edition By Peter Burke Cover Image
Kirakos Gandzakets'i's History of the Armenians: Volume I By Kirakos Gandzakets'i, Robert Bedrosian (Translator) Cover Image
The Austrian Second Republic (Contemporary Austrian Studies, Vol 31) By Marc Landry (Editor), Eva Pfanzelter (Editor) Cover Image
By Marc Landry (Editor), Eva Pfanzelter (Editor)
Lies, Damned Lies and History: A Catalogue of Historical Errors and Misunderstandings By Graeme Donald Cover Image