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The Williamsburg Avant-Garde: Experimental Music and Sound on the Brooklyn Waterfront By Cisco Bradley Cover Image
Lost Baltimore By Paul K. Williams Cover Image
Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant (Images of America) By Brian Vangor Cover Image
Triangle: The Fire That Changed America By David Von Drehle Cover Image
Historic Photos of Broadway: New York Theater 1850-1970 By Leonard Jacobs (Text by (Art/Photo Books)), Billy Rose Theatre Division (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Leonard Jacobs (Text by (Art/Photo Books)), Billy Rose Theatre Division (Illustrator)
Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay: From the Colonial Era to the Oyster Wars By Jamie L. H. Goodall Cover Image
Abandoned Maryland Houses: Ruins of the American Dream (America Through Time) By Rhea Hodgson, Robyn Hodgson Cover Image
Gettysburg in Color: Volume 1: Brandy Station to the Peach Orchard By Patrick Brennan, Dylan Brennan Cover Image
Jailing the Johnstown Judge: Joe O'Kicki, the Mob and Corrupt Justice (True Crime) By Bruce J. Siwy Cover Image
Timed Bomb By Stephen H. Schwartz Cover Image
Mlk & Li: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Long Island By Allison Singh Cover Image
The Buffalo Sports Curse: 120 Years of Pain, Disappointment, Heartbreak and Eternal Optimism By Greg D. Tranter Cover Image
150 Years of Racing in Saratoga: Little-Known Stories & Facts from America's Most Historic Racing City By Allan Carter, Mike Kane Cover Image
The Raritan Bayshore (Images of America) By Matthew Ward, John Allan Savolaine Cover Image
Accused of Witchcraft in New York By Scott R. Ferrara Cover Image
Chesapeake Bay Adventures: Tales from the Eastern Shore (Sports) By Carroll Lee Marshall Cover Image
The Island at the Center of the World: The Epic Story of Dutch Manhattan and the Forgotten Colony That Shaped America By Russell Shorto Cover Image
Jersey City: The Real Chilltown (America Through Time) By Alex Gulino Cover Image
The Man Who Hated Women: Sex, Censorship, and Civil Liberties in the Gilded Age By Amy Sohn Cover Image
Unhappy Catastrophes: The American Revolution in Central New Jersey, 1776-1782 (Emerging Revolutionary War) By Robert M. Dunkerly Cover Image