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Freedom of the Screen: Legal Challenges to State Film Censorship, 1915-1981 By Laura Wittern-Keller Cover Image
Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies, and Bucks: An Interpretive History of Blacks in American Films By Donald Bogle Cover Image
The Anarchy of the Imagination: Interviews, Essays, Notes (Paj Books) By Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Michael Töteberg (Editor), Leo Lensing (Editor) Cover Image
Silence of the Lambs (BFI Film Classics) By Yvonne Tasker Cover Image
The Celluloid Specimen: Moving Image Research into Animal Life By Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa Cover Image
Greek Weird Wave: A Cinema of Biopolitics By Dimitris Papanikolaou Cover Image
Documenting Fashion By Elena Caoduro (Editor), Boel Ulfsdotter (Editor) Cover Image
By Elena Caoduro (Editor), Boel Ulfsdotter (Editor)
Brat Pack America: A Love Letter to '80s Teen Movies By Kevin Smokler Cover Image
2001: A Space Odyssey (BFI Film Classics) By Peter Krämer Cover Image
Robot Suicide: Death, Identity, and AI in Science Fiction By Liz W. Faber Cover Image
Norman Jewison: A Director's Life By Ira Wells Cover Image
Coraline: A Closer Look at Studio LAIKA's Stop-Motion Witchcraft (Animation: Key Films/Filmmakers) By Mihaela Mihailova Cover Image
Hollywood Screwball Comedy 1934-1945: Sex, Love, and Democratic Ideals By Grégoire Halbout Cover Image
Screening #MeToo By Lisa Funnell (Editor), Ralph Beliveau (Editor) Cover Image
By Lisa Funnell (Editor), Ralph Beliveau (Editor)
Refocus: The Films of Denis Villeneuve By Jeri English (Editor), Marie Pascal (Editor) Cover Image
By Jeri English (Editor), Marie Pascal (Editor)
June Allyson: Her Life and Career By Peter Shelley Cover Image
Hollywood Lives: Movie Stars in the Golden Age, Their Own Stories By Graham Bannock Cover Image
Hollywood's Lost Backlot: 40 Acres of Glamour and Mystery By Steven Bingen Cover Image
Four Scores and Seven Reels Ago: The U.S. Presidency Through Hollywood Films By Dale Sherman Cover Image
George Lucas's Blockbusting: A Decade-by-Decade Survey of Timeless Movies Including Untold Secrets of Their Financial and Cultural Success By Alex Ben Block, Lucy Autrey Wilson Cover Image