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Policy Entrepreneurship: A Guide to Shaping and Understanding Policy By Lynn C. Ross Cover Image
The January 6th Report (Part 2 of 2): Final Report of the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol By Select Committee January 6th Attack Cover Image
The F Street Mess: How Southern Senators Rewrote the Kansas-Nebraska Act (Civil War America) By Alice Elizabeth Malavasic Cover Image
The First Congress: How James Madison, George Washington, and a Group of Extraordinary Men Invented the Government By Fergus M. Bordewich Cover Image
The Luckiest Man: Life with John McCain By Mark Salter Cover Image
One Mighty and Irresistible Tide: The Epic Struggle Over American Immigration, 1924-1965 By Jia Lynn Yang Cover Image
Burning Down the House: Newt Gingrich and the Rise of the New Republican Party By Julian E. Zelizer Cover Image
Power Shifts: Congress and Presidential Representation (Chicago Studies in American Politics) By John A. Dearborn Cover Image
The Case Against Impeaching Trump By Alan Dershowitz Cover Image
The Rise of Majority Rule in Early Modern Britain and Its Empire By William J. Bulman Cover Image
Desk 88: Eight Progressive Senators Who Changed America By Sherrod Brown Cover Image
Almanac of American Politics 2022 By Columbia Books Inc (Editor) Cover Image
By Columbia Books Inc (Editor)
Legislative Process: [Connected Ebook] (Aspen Casebook) By Abner J. Mikva, Eric Lane, Michael J. Gerhardt Cover Image
Whigs and Hunters By E. P. Thompson Cover Image
Saving Congress from Itself: Emancipating the States and Empowering Their People By James L. Buckley Cover Image
AOC: Fighter, Phenom, Changemaker By Prachi Gupta Cover Image
Rank and Participation in the Republican Senate By Martin J. Ryan Cover Image
Say We Won and Get Out: George D. Aiken and the Vietnam War By Stephen C. Terry, Louis D. Augeri (Other) Cover Image
Inside Congressional Committees: Function and Dysfunction in the Legislative Process By Maya Kornberg Cover Image
Service Above Self: Women Veterans in American Politics By Erika Cornelius Smith Cover Image