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Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton By Diana Johnstone Cover Image
The Dead Hand's Grip: How Long Constitutions Bind States By Adam R. Brown Cover Image
Impact of E-government adoption on job performance By Bhaskar Priyanka Cover Image
The Republican Party and the War on Poverty: 1964-1981 By Mark McLay Cover Image
A Fine Mess: A Global Quest for a Simpler, Fairer, and More Efficient Tax System By T. R. Reid Cover Image
Lobbying and Advocacy: Winning Strategies, Resources, Recommendations, Ethics and Ongoing Compliance for Lobbyists and Washington Advocates: By Deanna Gelak Cover Image
Outside Looking in: Lobbyists' Views on Civil Discourse in U.S. State Legislatures By Nicholas P. Lovrich (Editor), Francis A. Benjamin (Editor), John C. Pierce (Editor) Cover Image
By Nicholas P. Lovrich (Editor), Francis A. Benjamin (Editor), John C. Pierce (Editor)
A Social Theory of Congress: Legislative Norms in the Twenty-First Century By Brian Alexander Cover Image
Catching Our Flag By James Rogan Cover Image
Congress: The First Branch By Sean M. Theriault, Mickey Edwards Cover Image
Ethics in Congress: From Individual to Institutional Corruption By Dennis F. Thompson Cover Image
Arlen Specter: An Oral History By Brian Lockman (Editor), Francine Schertzer (Editor), G. Terry Madonna (Introduction by) Cover Image
By Brian Lockman (Editor), Francine Schertzer (Editor), G. Terry Madonna (Introduction by)
The Class of '74: Congress After Watergate and the Roots of Partisanship By John A. Lawrence Cover Image
The Most Hated President, Yet the Most Loved: The Theory of Conservatives vs Liberals and the Hidden Truth Behind It By Carla Spalding Cover Image
Unchecked: The Untold Story Behind Congress's Botched Impeachments of Donald Trump By Rachael Bade, Karoun Demirjian, Courtney Patterson (Read by) Cover Image
The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Parents Are (Still) Going Broke By Elizabeth Warren, Amelia Warren Tyagi Cover Image
Almanac of American Politics 2022 By Columbia Books Inc (Editor) Cover Image
By Columbia Books Inc (Editor)
We, the King (Cambridge Latin American Studies #127) By Adrian Masters Cover Image
Why We Fight: Congress and the Politics of World War II By Nancy Beck Young Cover Image
Senate: From White Supremacy to Governmental Gridlock (Constitutionalism and Democracy) By Daniel Wirls Cover Image