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Persist By Elizabeth Warren Cover Image
Gerrymanders: How Redistricting Has Protected Slavery, White Supremacy, and Partisan Minorities in Virginia By Brent Tarter Cover Image
The Illusion of Accountability: Transparency and Representation in American Legislatures By Justin H. Kirkland, Jeffrey J. Harden Cover Image
Return Of The Fathers By William Kitchin Cover Image
My Faith in the Constitution Is Whole: Barbara Jordan and the Politics of Scripture By Robin L. Owens Cover Image
Firepower: How the Nra Turned Gun Owners Into a Political Force (Princeton Studies in American Politics: Historical #181) By Matthew J. Lacombe Cover Image
The Congress By Gary Malecha, Daniel Reagan Cover Image
The Factors and Behaviors Associated with Legislator Use of Communication Technology By Joe West, Jingjing Gao, Sojin Jang Cover Image
Pelosi By Molly Ball Cover Image
The Committee: A Study of Policy, Power, Politics and Obama's Historic Legislative Agenda on Capitol Hill (Legislative Politics And Policy Making) By Bryan William Marshall, Bruce C. Wolpe Cover Image
Parliamentary Oversight of the Executives: Tools and Procedures in Europe (Parliamentary Democracy in Europe) By Elena Griglio Cover Image
Guts: The Lane Evans Story By Devin Hansen Cover Image
Impeachment: A Citizen's Guide By Cass R. Sunstein Cover Image
The Congressional Experience: An Institution Transformed By David E Price Cover Image
Congressional Oversight of National Security: A Mandate for Change (CSIS Panel Reports) By John Marsh, James Blackwell Cover Image
Little Giant: The Life and Times of Speaker Carl Albert By Carl Albert, Danney Goble Cover Image
The Gentleman from Illinois: Stories from Forty Years of Elective Public Service By Alan J. Dixon, Taylor Pensoneau (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Alan J. Dixon, Taylor Pensoneau (Foreword by)
A Seat at the Table: Congresswomen's Perspectives on Why Their Presence Matters By Kelly Dittmar, Kira Sanbonmatsu, Susan J. Carroll Cover Image
Congress and the First Civil Rights Era, 1861-1918 By Jeffery A. Jenkins, Justin Peck Cover Image
James Madison Rules America: The Constitutional Origins of Congressional Partisanship By William F. Connelly Cover Image