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Singapore Synthesis, The: Innovation, Inclusion, Inspiration Cover Image
Unmasking Maskirovka: Russia's Cyber Influence Operations Cover Image
The Russian Understanding of War: Blurring the Lines between War and Peace Cover Image
Foundations of Public International Law Cover Image
The Dollar and National Security: The Monetary Component of Hard Power Cover Image
Gangs, Pseudo-Militaries, and Other Modern Mercenaries, 6: New Dynamics in Uncomfortable Wars (International and Security Affairs #6) Cover Image
By Max G. Manwaring, John T. Fishel (Afterword by), Edwin G. Corr (Foreword by)
Surprise, Security, and the American Experience Cover Image
The Son King: Reform and Repression in Saudi Arabia Cover Image
Democratization and Military Coups in Africa: Post-1990 Political Conflicts Cover Image
By Jr. Kieh, George Klay (Editor), Kelechi A. Kalu (Editor), Zeyad El Nabolsy (Contribution by)
Security of India's Ports, Coast and Maritime Trade: Challenges in the 21st Century Cover Image
The Politics of Public Higher Education: Strategic Decisions Forged From Constituency Competition, Cooperation, and Compromise Cover Image
War Time: Temporality and the Decline of Western Military Power Cover Image
By Sten Rynning (Editor), Olivier Schmitt (Editor), Amelie Theussen (Editor)
Brave New War: The Next Stage of Terrorism and the End of Globalization Cover Image
China in a Changing World Cover Image
The Politics of Space Security: Strategic Restraint and the Pursuit of National Interests, Third Edition Cover Image
Military Power: Explaining Victory and Defeat in Modern Battle Cover Image
Bytes, Bombs, and Spies: The Strategic Dimensions of Offensive Cyber Operations Cover Image
By Herbert Lin (Editor), Amy Zegart (Editor)
Violent Order: Essays on the Nature of Police Cover Image
Strategy and the National Security Professional: Strategic Thinking and Strategy Formulation in the 21st Century (Praeger Security International) Cover Image
The First Political Order: How Sex Shapes Governance and National Security Worldwide Cover Image