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Preparing for the Future: Strategic Planning in the U.S. Air Force Cover Image
Danger and Opportunity: An American Ambassador's Journey Through the Middle East Cover Image
Coal and Empire: The Birth of Energy Security in Industrial America Cover Image
Memoirs of an Italian Terrorist Cover Image
By Giorgio, Antony Shugaar (Translated by), Neal Ascherson (Foreword by)
The United Nations, Peace and Security Cover Image
America and the Indo-Pacific: Trump and Beyond Cover Image
The Use of Force for State Power: History and Future Cover Image
Handbook of International Rivalries: 1494-2010 (Correlates of War) Cover Image
Reykjavik Revisited: Steps Toward a World Free of Nuclear Weapons—Complete Report of 2007 Hoover Institution Conference (Hoover Institution Press Publication #565) Cover Image
By George P. Shultz (Editor), Stephen P. Andreasen (Editor), Sidney D. Drell (Editor), James E. Goodby (Editor)
The Spymaster of Baghdad: A True Story of Bravery, Family, and Patriotism in the Battle Against Isis Cover Image
The Trouble with Taiwan: History, the United States and a Rising China (Asian Arguments) Cover Image
Nuclear Ethics in the Twenty-First Century: Survival, Order, and Justice Cover Image
Capacity Building for Maritime Security: The Western Indian Ocean Experience Cover Image
By Christian Bueger (Editor), Timothy Edmunds (Editor), Robert McCabe (Editor)
Is the Ratio of Investment Between Research and Development to Production in Major Defense Acquisition Programs Experiencing Fundamental Change? (CSIS Reports) Cover Image
Nuclear Logics: Contrasting Paths in East Asia and the Middle East (Princeton Studies in International History and Politics #103) Cover Image
Striking First: Preemption and Prevention in International Conflict: Preemption and Prevention in International Conflict (University Center for Human Values #38) Cover Image
Red Spy Queen: A Biography of Elizabeth Bentley Cover Image
Restraint: A New Foundation for U.S. Grand Strategy (Cornell Studies in Security Affairs) Cover Image
The Right War?: The Conservative Debate on Iraq Cover Image
By Gary Rosen (Editor)
Wages of Crime: Black Markets, Illegal Finance, and the Underworld Economy Cover Image