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The Battle for the White House from Bush to Obama: Volume II Nominations and Elections in an Era of Partisanship (Pursuit of the Presidency; Volume II) By A. Bennett Cover Image
The Korean Economic Developmental Path: Confucian Tradition, Affective Network By S. Lew Cover Image
By S. Lew
Cuba-U.S. Relations: Obama and Beyond By Arnold August Cover Image
Religious Conversions in the Mediterranean World (Islam and Nationalism) By N. Marzouki (Editor), O. Roy (Editor) Cover Image
By N. Marzouki (Editor), O. Roy (Editor)
State Fragility, State Formation, and Human Security in Nigeria By M. Okome (Editor) Cover Image
By M. Okome (Editor)
Governing Cultures: Anthropological Perspectives on Political Labor, Power, and Government By K. Coulter (Editor), W. Schumann (Editor) Cover Image
By K. Coulter (Editor), W. Schumann (Editor)
The Land of Flickering Lights: Restoring America in an Age of Broken Politics By Michael Bennet Cover Image
Robert H. Michel: Leading the Republican House Minority By Frank H. Mackaman (Editor), Sean Q. Kelly (Editor) Cover Image
By Frank H. Mackaman (Editor), Sean Q. Kelly (Editor)
Presidential Control Over Administration: A New Historical Analysis of Public Finance Policymaking, 1929-2018 By Patrick Obrien Cover Image
Brookings Big Ideas for America By Michael E. O'Hanlon (Editor) Cover Image
By Michael E. O'Hanlon (Editor)
The Rise of the Alt-Right By Thomas J. Main Cover Image
The American Crisis: What Went Wrong. How We Recover. By Writers of The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg (Introduction by), Anne Applebaum (Afterword by), Cullen Murphy (Editor) Cover Image
By Writers of The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg (Introduction by), Anne Applebaum (Afterword by), Cullen Murphy (Editor)
Mauritania's Colonels: Political Leadership, Civil-Military Relations and Democratization (African Governance) By Boubacar N'Diaye Cover Image
Guns Across America: Reconciling Gun Rules and Rights By Robert Spitzer Cover Image
Assessing George W. Bush's Legacy: The Right Man? (Evolving American Presidency) By I. Morgan (Editor), P. Davies (Editor) Cover Image
By I. Morgan (Editor), P. Davies (Editor)
Making China Strong: The Role of Nationalism in Chinese Thinking on Democracy and Human Rights (Politics and Development of Contemporary China) By R. Weatherley Cover Image
Comparative Political Leadership (Palgrave Studies in Political Leadership) By Ludger Helms (Editor) Cover Image
By Ludger Helms (Editor)
Government Transparency: Impacts and Unintended Consequences (Public Sector Organizations) By T. Erkkilä Cover Image
Latin America After Neoliberalism: Developmental Regimes in Post-Crisis States (International Political Economy) By C. Wylde Cover Image
Referendums Around the World: The Continued Growth of Direct Democracy By Matt Qvortrup Cover Image