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The Lessons of Terror: A History of Warfare Against Civilians By Caleb Carr Cover Image
Madrasas in South Asia: Teaching Terror? (Routledge Contemporary South Asia #4) By Jamal Malik (Editor) Cover Image
By Jamal Malik (Editor)
Pakistan: Deep Inside the World's Most Frightening State By Mary Anne Weaver Cover Image
Living Terrors: What America Needs to Know to Survive the Coming Bioterrorist Catastrophe By Michael T. Osterholm, Ph.D., MPH, John Schwartz Cover Image
Philosophy in a Time of Terror: Dialogues with Jurgen Habermas and Jacques Derrida By Giovanna Borradori Cover Image
Emerging Epidemics: The Menace of New Infections By Madeline Drexler Cover Image
The Most Dangerous Place: Pakistan's Lawless Frontier By Imtiaz Gul Cover Image
Even Silence Has an End: My Six Years of Captivity in the Colombian Jungle By Ingrid Betancourt Cover Image
Pakistan on the Brink: The Future of America, Pakistan, and Afghanistan By Ahmed Rashid Cover Image
Islamic Sufism Unbound: Politics and Piety in Twenty-First Century Pakistan By R. Rozehnal Cover Image
U.S. Strategy Against Global Terrorism: How It Evolved, Why It Failed, and Where It Is Headed By A. Tan Cover Image
By A. Tan
Organized Crime and States: The Hidden Face of Politics By J. Briquet (Editor), G. Favarel-Garrigues (Editor) Cover Image
By J. Briquet (Editor), G. Favarel-Garrigues (Editor)
Ecoliberation: Reimagining Resistance and the Green Scare (Outspoken) By Jennifer D. Grubbs Cover Image
Chronic Aftershock: How 9/11 Shaped Present-Day France By Jean-Philippe Mathy Cover Image
Technology and Security: Governing Threats in the New Millennium (New Security Challenges) By Brian Rappert Cover Image
Israel's Asymmetric Wars By Cynthia Schoch (Translator), S. Cohen Cover Image
By Cynthia Schoch (Translator), S. Cohen
The Ethics and Efficacy of the Global War on Terrorism: Fighting Terror with Terror (Twenty-First Century Perspectives on War) By C. Webel (Editor), John A. Arnaldi (Editor) Cover Image
By C. Webel (Editor), John A. Arnaldi (Editor)
Terrorist Financing and Resourcing (Initiatives in Strategic Studies: Issues and Policies) By J. Vittori Cover Image
Transforming Participation?: The Politics of Development in Malawi and Ireland (Rethinking International Development) By N. Gaynor Cover Image
The Unexpected Patriot: How an Ordinary American Mother Is Bringing Terrorists to Justice By Shannen Rossmiller, Sue Carswell Cover Image