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Mediterranean Capitalism Revisited: One Model, Different Trajectories (Cornell Studies in Political Economy) Cover Image
By Luigi Burroni (Editor), Emmanuele Pavolini (Editor), Marino Regini (Editor)
Brave New Hungary: Mapping the System of National Cooperation Cover Image
By János Matyas Kovács (Editor), Balazs Trencsenyi (Editor), Gábor Egry (Contribution by)
The Last Neoliberal: Macron and the Origins of France's Political Crisis Cover Image
After Europe Cover Image
European Universalism: The Rhetoric of Power Cover Image
Secessionism and the European Union: The Future of Flanders, Scotland, and Catalonia Cover Image
From Maastricht to Brexit: Democracy, Constitutionalism and Citizenship in the EU Cover Image
Falling Down: The Conservative Party and the Decline of Tory Britain Cover Image
Political Science at the LSE: A History of the Department of Government, from the Webbs to COVID Cover Image
A Genocide in the Making?: Erdogan Regime's Crackdown on the Gülen Movement Cover Image
Reflections on the Revolution in France Cover Image
By Edmund Burke, Mint Editions (Contribution by)
Migration and Mobility in the European Union Cover Image
And the Weak Suffer What They Must?: Europe's Crisis and America's Economic Future Cover Image
A New Narrative for a New Europe Cover Image
By Daniel Innerarity (Editor), Jonathan White (Editor), Cristina Astier (Editor)
The Greek Military Dictatorship: Revisiting a Troubled Past, 1967-1974 Cover Image
By Othon Anastasakis (Editor), Katerina Lagos (Editor)
Deepening EU-Georgian Relations: Updating and Upgrading in the Shadow of Covid-19, Third Edition Cover Image
By Michael Emerson (Editor), Tamara Kovziridze (Editor)
The European Union: Politics and Policies Cover Image
The Euro and the Battle of Ideas Cover Image
A James Connolly Reader Cover Image
Political Uncertainty: A Comparative Exploration (Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society) Cover Image
By Todor Yalamov (Foreword by), Rumena Filipova (Foreword by), Gergana Dimova