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Inside the Middle East: Making Sense of the Most Dangerous and Complicated Region on Earth Cover Image
By Avi Melamed, Lucy Aharish (Foreword by)
A Small Key Can Open a Large Door: The Rojava Revolution Cover Image
From Sheikhs to Sultanism: Statecraft and Authority in Saudi Arabia and the Uae Cover Image
Political Economy of the Middle East Cover Image
The New Middle East: What Everyone Needs to Knowr Cover Image
Assad or We Burn the Country: How One Family's Lust for Power Destroyed Syria Cover Image
Houses Built on Sand: Violence, Sectarianism and Revolution in the Middle East Cover Image
The Caliph and the Imam: The Making of Sunnism and Shiism Cover Image
The Call: Inside the Global Saudi Religious Project Cover Image
Out of Place, Out of Time: Refugees, Rights and the Re-Making of Palestine/Israel Cover Image
Israel's Counterterrorism Strategy: Origins to the Present (Columbia Studies in Terrorism and Irregular Warfare) Cover Image
Freedom Is a Place: The Struggle for Sovereignty in Palestine (Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation #50) Cover Image
Revolutionary Life: The Everyday of the Arab Spring Cover Image
Doomed to Succeed: The U.S.-Israel Relationship from Truman to Obama Cover Image
A Durable Peace: Israel and its Place Among the Nations Cover Image
Israel-Palestine: Lands and Peoples Cover Image
By Omer Bartov (Editor)
Arab Marxism and National Liberation: Selected Writings of Mahdi Amel (Historical Materialism) Cover Image
By Mahdi Amel, Hicham Safieddine (Editor), Gilbert Achcar (Foreword by)
The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century Cover Image
On Antisemitism: Solidarity and the Struggle for Justice Cover Image
The Politics of Art: Dissent and Cultural Diplomacy in Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan (Stanford Studies in Middle Eastern and Islamic Societies and) Cover Image