E-MERGENCY!...An Eccentric Alphabet Book

I'm a fan of, and collector of, alphabet books. And I'm always amazed at the new slants authors and illustrators come up with to keep the topic fresh and new. E-mergency! tells the what happens when E falls down the stairs and ends up in traction in the hospital. In order to heal, she must be left alone to rest, so O, being 'so well rounded' is tasked with taking her place. Recovery is slow and the rest of the letters spread the word near and far..."E is injurod and can't work, so O must bo usod instoad of E." D & C wont to Washington to lot the governmont know, M & T hoaded to Mount Rushmoro & the rost hit the talk-show circuit! The humor is punny & the illustrations full of pizazz! A graph on the back fly leaf shows the frequency of each letter's usage in the English language.  

E-Mergency! Cover Image
ISBN: 9780811878982
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Published: Chronicle Books (CA) - October 19th, 2011