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Heck: Where the Bad Kids Go by Dale E. Basye
What would you give for a tube of Kiwi Cantaloupe lip-gloss and some Suburban Blight cheek bronzer? Milton Fauster is paying eternal darnation in Heck...H-E- double hockey sticks for kids. To further Milton's discomfort, he is stuck down below with his criminal sister Marlo. Milton got his one-way ticket to Heck when a huge marshmallow bear exploded and killed him and Marlo after she tricked him into stealing the make-up. Can Marlo and Milton work together (fat chance) to get out of Heck or will they be stuck in Heck for all eternity (or until they turn 18)? Will they be driven crazy by such unlikely teachers as unethical former president Richard Nixon teaching ethics and mad axe murderer Lizzy Bordon, the home economics instructor? So why wait? Get your hands on a copy and find out!


Sabrina, age 12 


Heck: Where the Bad Kids Go By Dale E. Basye, Bob Dob (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Dale E. Basye, Bob Dob (Illustrator)
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ISBN: 9780375840760
Published: Yearling - April 28th, 2009