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The Otto Bookstore History

The Otto Bookstore: A Legacy

When the doors first opened in 1841, The Otto Bookstore was known as A.D. Lundy and Co., which sold a variety of goods, including window shades, wallpaper, insurance, and books. New technologies at the time helped the book business to grow, as books were becoming more affordable to the gneral public. 

At that time, you would likely find titles from such authors as Edgar Allen Poe, along with the likes of James Fenimore Cooper, Charles Dickens, Catherine Gore, A.K. Tolstoy, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Alexander Pushkin, Ralph Waldo Emmerson, Washington Irving, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Over the years, the store's location moved around downtown Williamsport while the name evolved from A.D. Lundy and Co to The Otto Bookstore.  And for everyone in the community, it has always been known as a 'book lover's paradise in the heart of Williamsport'.

The Otto Bookstore changed hands in 2017 when Katy Nassberg and husband Isak bought the store from Betsy Rider and her family.  Katy says they were well aware of the store’s legacy within the local community. “As a Williamsport native, my family all knew the Rider family were wonderful caretakers of this institution” Katy adds, “We are honored to continue serving the community by providing great stories for the next generation of readers.”

The Otto - 1095

The Otto - 1963

The Otto - 1966

The Otto - 2020


The Loan Book Shop - 1905


The Otto Bookstore - 1963


The Otto Bookstore - 1966


Otto Bookstore - 2020