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STICK AND STONE Stand up and Rock for Friendship!

In April, 2015, Mrs Zagozewski's first graders at Jackson Primary School responed to the book STICK & STONE by Beth Ferry. They gave the book a '10' and shared these comments, which I have edited and consolidated, although for the most part I kept their spelling and grammar as they wrote it.  Siennna said, "It is telling about friendship (and) to stand up for your friend." Tiana commented "I think people should read Stick & Stone because it's learning about sticking up for someone who you care for." Emma reflected, "The story Stick & Stone has a lesson in it because if you are lonley [sic] you can owas [sic] asc [sic] a kid if you can play with him." Beau liked it because "It is funny." and " the end the pinecone apolajsed [sic]." Cali thinks you "should read the book because Stick & Stone become friends thu [sic] out the book." Damien thinks "People would like (the book) because it is about findship [sic]." Madilyn declared, "It rimns [sic] me of when I made my first friend. And when someone stuck up for me."  

Comments by Mrs Zagozewski 2014-2015 First graders